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Oceania University of Medicine Samoa

In a special arrangement and by Act of Parliament of the Government of Samoa, e-Medical Education LLC has an exclusive contract to build and operate the Oceania University of Medicine Samoa (OUMS), in Apia, the island-nation's capital city. Students from around the world come to Apia for an initial 8-week Foundation Block introductory course.  Then, they return home to work with a practicing physician paid by OUMS and to study via the Internet, with the assistance of professional, online tutors available on a 24-hour basis. Special weekend programs are available to experienced allied health professionals at Affiliate Schools in the United States.

e-Medical Education LLC has created a special Learning Management System expressly for these students, allowing them to study, conduct self-assessment tests, and meet with faculty and students from countries in every corner of the globe.  This system features Problem-Based Learning (PBL) modules, in which the case-study approach facilitates learning and the effective assimilation of material.  Cases are divided into 10 blocks of eight weeks each (one case per week) for the pre-clinical part of the degree course. 

While students are permitted to set their own time schedules to allow them to maintain other careers while they study, they are required to complete a minimum of three blocks per calendar year in order to maintain their status as students.  Upon completion of 80 weeks of cases, students proceed to the clinical rotations portion of their course of study (eight more blocks of eight weeks each) in a local hospital or another hospital approved by OUMS.  Final examinations are offered in various locales throughout the world and consist of both written and oral sections, conducted by OUMS faculty.

Instruction is consistent with the requirements of the United States Medical Licensing Exam as well as other licensing exams required by the world’s nations. OUMS is listed by the World Health Organization and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research in its International Medical Education Directory, required by most medical licensing authorities.

Projects under Development

e-Medical Education LLC is working with a number of governments and international organizations to develop and deliver cost-effective medical, nursing, and health professional education programs on the undergraduate, pre-professional, professional, and postgraduate level.

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